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SAFE SOCIETY is a virtual platform offering legal and psychological consultation to victims of physical, sexual, and psychological abuse in Greece.

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For a society free from violence

Our mission is to empower everyone who has experienced or witnessed abuse to make a conscious, proactive choice for a life without violence.

We offer free and non-binding consultation for directly affected individuals. And we provide know-how and training for indirectly affected groups. Together, we can create safe homes, safe communities, and a safe society.

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Learn about Workplace Safety

Sexual harassment is a social issue that is becoming more and more common in workplaces around the world. Learn more about how to identify workplace abuse and how it affects

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Safe Society provides information & help to empower individuals and organizations create a safe environment for themselves and people around them.

Our mission is to provide information, provide help and empower individuals and organizations create a safe environment for themselves and people around them.

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There is only one data point needed to meet with our experts virtually. You can provide a phone number OR email address to receive a booking confirmation.

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At your preferred time, talk to a trained and experienced psychologist and/or lawyer for free, anonymously, and in a protected safe space.

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Upon recommendation of our psychologists, connect with people who have experienced similar situations like you by joining our weekly group sessions.

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Different types of Violence

One in three women will experience sexual or physical violence by an intimate partner in their lifetime. One in two women has experienced sexual harassment. One in twenty women has been raped and one in 5 women has been stalked. In Greece, 12 women have lost their lives through the hands of their partners in 2021. Chances are high that you are one of these women, or at least you know them.

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Understanding Workplace Violence

A friend of yours is constantly being harassed by a colleague at work? Or was touched indecently by a family member and does not know what to do? Are you afraid your friend lives in an abusive relationship but does not open up or leave? Read the do's and don'ts in our guide for witnesses or sign them up for a meeting with our expert counsellors here.

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