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Understanding Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

A social issue

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So, what is it now?

Sexual Harassment

at the Workplace?

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Sexual harassment is anywhere – at work, at school, on the street, etc. – is not simply about sex.

It is about

🦟 the harasser

one person

being hostile toward

👥 the victim

another person

by abusing power over the victim directed to the victim’s gender.

As, until today, globally there are more men in positions of power than women, in most cases of sexual harassment, the harasser is a man and the victim is a woman. But men can be victims and women can be harassers, too.

So what constitues Harrassment?

American Family Survey, 2018
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Types of Sexual Harassment at Workplace

Sexual harassment is anywhere – at work, at school, on the street, etc. – is not simply about sex. It is about one persone (the harasser) being hostile toward another person (the victim) by abusing power over the victim directed to the victim’s gender.

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How to identify

Sexual Harassment

at the Workplace?

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Of course, lines are blurry. And as a victim, you may feel helpless or unsure. If you detect a change in your own when relating to your workplace related to

👉🏽 behavior
😮💨 moods
🖤 negative emotions
💗 relationships

chances are high, that you are working in a toxic environment


Take note of every incident
include where, who, what, and how.

Make sure to tell the
harasser a clear NO

Reach out to the person in charge of the safety
policy at your place of work.

If there is no safety policy, reach out for
personal help to our experts for advice

Still not convinced that it’s up to each of us to create safe workplaces?

We can help you, if not read along!

I am not a victim of Sexual Harassment. Why should I care?

The safer our workplaces, teams and businesses are for employees, the more productive, richer and happier we are as a society.

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What can you do about

Sexual Harassment

at your Workplace?

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As a Victim

  • Tell your harasser to stop. If you do not feel safe or comfortable doing this, do your best to make it clear to the harasser that the offensive behavior is unwelcome.
  • Gather evidence if possible, or speak to an entrusted colleague, as to have a witness, should the harassment not stop.
  • If the harasser does not stop, you have 2 options:
    If there are reporting mechanisms at your job in place: Report the harassment to management and ask that something be done to stop it. Report the harassment to a person with decision-making authority. If your employer has workplace sexual harassment complaint procedures, follow them. Try to make your complaint in writing. If possible, have a trusted witness present when you make your complaint. Try to get some proof that the employer actually received your complaint and the date and time the complaint was made (for example, ask your employer to confirm in writing that they received your complaint). Keep a copy of your complaint. In most cases, before an employer can be liable under discrimination laws, the employer must be given notice of the harassment and must have a chance to deal with the problem.
    Chances are high, that there is no reporting mechanism yet. If there is nobody you trust, or if you do not trust the measures already put in place, book your meeting with an expert at You will receive free, non-binding, and confidential guidance of what to do.

As a Business Owner

  • You must have clear reporting procedures so that it is easy for your employees to report workplace sexual harassment in trust and confidence.
  • As employer, you must train all employees, managers and agents on what workplace sexual harassment is and how you as the employer will deal with reports of sexual harassment.
  • Most importantly, as to keep numbers down and create a safe and productive environment in the first place: You must have policies and procedures to prevent workplace sexual harassment and monitor and enforce those rules. It is not enough to just have policies and procedures.
  • Once all this is in place, and you receive a complaint, you must make sure to thoroughly and promptly investigate reports of workplace sexual harassment. Your employer must do something to stop workplace sexual harassment quickly and effectively, and make sure it doesn’t happen again.
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